The Townsend Agency receive a message on their answering machine from a man called Tom Norton telling Charlie that he has been hired to find one of the angels so a hitman can kill her, but he is murdered before he can tell Charlie which one.  Norton got cold feet when he realised it was one of Charlies girls because he owes Charlie for helping him out previously and thats why he wanted to warn him.

They manage to trace the phone call to LAX and find Tom Nortons dead body in a phone booth with a flight number written on a piece of paper in his pocket.  They figure that the murderer must have been on that flight so they arrange to get a list of the passengers.

Meanwhile, everyone goes to Kellys because she has an old friend, Sally Myles staying with her and feels she would be safer if Sally checks into a hotel.  While Kelly is helping Sally settle into her hotel, someone tries to run Kris and Sabrina off the road.  Kris and Sabrina split up since it looks like one of them is the target of the hitman.  When Sabrina is shot at outside her apartment Kris is eliminated as a target but Sabrina is suspicious because the hitman missed her at point blank range but managed to shoot her tyres so she couldn't give chase.

They find someone on the flight called Wilson Flicker who was Tom Nortons cell mate in prison and decide he is the main suspect.  When Kelly catches a taxi home from Sallys hotel she is captured inside her home by the hitman whilst Wilson Flicker waits in the car.  Flicker had changed his name to John Gorman and had been posing as Sally Myles' boyfriend so he could rip her off all the money she had inherited when her mother passed away.  Kelly had been responsible for putting Wilson Flicker behind bars previously for embezzlement.  When Sally mentioned that Kelly was her best friend, Flicker new that he would have to have her killed because if they ever met he knew that Kelly would remember him and warn Sally.

Kris, Sabrina and Bosley become suspicious when Sally informs them that Kelly left a while ago and Kelly isn't answering her telephone.  They head to Kellys house and arrive just in time to see Kelly shoot the hitman out her window.  Sally turns up in a taxi and Kelly has to explain to her that her fiance is a con man.  Sally promises to let Kelly meet all her boyfriends before she gets engaged in the future.

Season 3